300 Sylvia Street
Lafayette, LA  70506

Thursday, November 2 (1 PM-6 PM)
Friday, November 3 (1 PM-5 PM)
Saturday, November 4 (10 AM-3 PM)

House, backporch, outdoor kitchen, and two workshops full: vintage antique vanity, bed frames, linens, kitchen tables, washer/dryer, refrigerators, aluminum table, tools, moving blankets, lawn mowers, pots, pans, tupperware, Christmas items, two cedar chifferobes, silverplate utensils, hutch, CD’s, material, sewing machine, china, crystal, large assortment of appliances for cooking/grilling and so much more. Managed by Sista’s Estate Sales (Marcella). Cash, checks or credit card (minimum purchase of $50 for checks and credit card). Visit Estatesales.net to view pictures. 

Pictures are posted on estatesales.net:  

​Because of our growing clients, we have added just a few guidelines for our sales:

  • CASH, CHECKS & CREDIT CARD (minimum purchase of $50 for checks and credit cards)
  • Enter this property at your own risk. We are not responsible for any accidents which may occur.
  • Please do not park on any grass near curbs.
  • You must provide your own help to load bags, boxes, furniture or anything else you buy.
  • Please leave large purses in your car, you may bring in shopping bags.
  • If you are caught changing prices you will not be allowed to come to another sale.  Also, we can object to a price on an item if we feel it has been changed.
  • Do not buy the item, if you can’t move it.
  • Sales are scheduled to start at certain times, but when we have a large crowd waiting in line I may open early.
  • Only Estate Sale workers can write sold and take off tickets on furniture.
  • Please be courteous of the neighbors when parking….do not park in yards, park going in the flow of traffic, park 25 ft from stop signs​​​